Large Print and Children’s Specialty Items

Here at PhotoBenchers.CA we offer special print items for those who need something a little bit different.  If you have a special request about the printing sizes or font styles we are happy to try to accommodate.  Contact us for more information.

Large Print

Do you ever notice that when having a large dinner, at Benching time the large print Benchers seem to get taken first?  For those of us who have started the slippery slope of reading glasses this can unfortunately become a reality.  When working with custom designs, often the print in Bencher Cards is great for most people but too small for a few.  Here at PhotoBenchers.CA we are committed to making commemorative books that are great for everybody.  One of our specialty products is a Bencher Card or Book with larger print.  This can either be done on a standard 5×7 card style or by printing on a larger 6×9 card.  When you make a standard order with us, you can always order a few extra large print items for those special people in your family who need that boost of a larger print size.  When placing your order simply ask us about the possibilities.

Specially Designed for Children

Do you have young children that are still in the learning stages of reading?  We have several designs for children’s Benchers and children’s Kiddush Books.  These are specially made to help kids succeed – with larger print and fewer options within the text.  Getting kids excited about Benching and making Kiddush is an important step in teaching them so we are very excited to be able to offer these specialty books.  When designing your custom event book you add in a few specialty items or simply order one of our standard children’s books to suite your child’s needs.

Early Readers Series – designed specially for kids in grades 1-2

The Early Reader Series is designed for children who are just learning to read Hebrew.  These books do not include the complete benching or kiddish, rather they focus on the parts that young children will learn first, allowing them to have a text that is easy to read and at their level.  The Early Reader Series comes in two different levels.

Click on the images below to see a sample of the text inside.

Bencher Card - early reader - girls - c

The Children’s Series – designed specially for kids in grades 3-4

The Children’s Series Bencher and Kiddish Book are designed for children who can already read but still need a larger print in order to focus on the words properly.  The Children’s Series Bencher contains all of the standard weekday Birkat Hamazon, but none of the Shabbat or Holiday extras.  This allows for the text to be even larger and reduces distractions so that children can focus on the proper words.  The Kiddish Book contains Shalom Aleichem, Friday evening Kiddish and Shabbat Daytime Kiddish, but again with a larger font so that it is easier to focus.

Click on the images below to see a sample of the text inside.








Styles and Sizes

basic card       bi-fold       tri-fold


The children’s benchers are designed to be kid friendly.   Cards come in your choice of water resistant paper cards, or a more resilient plastic version.  We also offer an extra thick plastic for the basic style card – this is ideal for educational settings.  We recommend a card version made in plastic as they are more durable.

Book versions of the Children’s Bencher are also available.  These can be ideal for children with specialized learning needs – they can allow for larger fonts with greater spacing while still ensuring the ability to keep all of the desired text.

  • Basic Card Style – A single sheet, double sided.
    • Small – 5.5″ x 8.5″
    • Large – 6″ x 10″
  • Bi-Fold Card Style – A double sided sheet with a single fold.
    • Standard – 5″ x 7″
    • Large – 6″ x 8″
  • Book Style
    • Standard – 5″ x 7″
    • Large – 6″ x 8″

If you are looking for something to suite specialized learning needs please talk to us about the options.  Customization is available upon request.


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