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All of our products at PhotoBenchers.CA are customized to your specifications.  There are many choices to make so we have tried to simplify the process by narrowing down some of the possibilities – though if you have something specific in mind please contact us for more information and details.


Customization options depend on the style of your commemorative book/card.  Some of the options that you need to consider when making your choices are:

  • The very first choice you must make is to select the style of commemorative booklet that you want.  To learn more about the differences and options in book style vs. card style click here.
  • You must also specify the Nussach or text version that you would like to use.  We offer Nussach Ashkenaz, Nussach Sepharad, Eidot Hamizrach as well as Nussach HaAri Z”L (Lubavitch version).  To learn more about Nussach and it’s meaning and origin, click here.
  • If you are making a Brit Milah or Sheva Bracha Event we can include the specialized Zimmun and Harachaman sections that are appropriate for your event.
  • Our Benchers and other prayers are all based on orthodox prayer text.  Alternative text versions can be customized by special request.
  • Custom fonts both for Hebrew and English can be chosen to suite the style of your event.  You can select your Hebrew font from a list of fonts that we have tested or customize further by giving us the name of a font you would like us to try to use.    Click here to see more about font choices.
  • The text pages of your card or book can be left with a blank/white background or you can use photos to make your card/book unique with your own special backgrounds.
  • A custom message, such as a name or date, can be added onto the border of the pages.
  • Prayer instructions in your Bencher, Kiddush Card, etc. can be in all Hebrew, all English or in both.
  • For Bencher cards it is possible to choose a standard small font size which allows for an extra item such as Kiddush or Havdallah to be added at the end, or a slightly larger font size can be used.
  • For Bencher books you can select an all Hebrew version or you can add in English or transliteration from Hebrew to English.
  • For Bencher books you can add in extra text such as Shabbat Kiddush, Zemirot, Bracha Achrona and Havdallah.

We also make specialized children’s versions of Benchers or Kiddush Cards.  These specialized children’s cards/books are designed to be easier to use for younger children.  They have larger font sizes and fewer extra text options.

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To see a price list for some of our standard items please click here.

For more options or possibilities please contact us with your questions or submit a request for a price quote.


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