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PhotoBenchers.CA is committed to helping you commemorate your special event in a fun and exciting new way.  We carry a collection of standard products but we can also customize a book or card to your needs in almost any way you would like.

Event Cards

We make a variety of card style commemorative prayer sheets including:

Cards can be printed on your choice of specially coated water resistant thick paper or durable plastic.

Event Books

Books allow a greater flexibility giving the option of including your choice of a variety of convenient prayers to suite your occasion and needs.  Typical event books include:

Most books are printed in a standard saddle stitched book format.  We also make an accordion folded Megillat Esther Book.

Large Print and Specialty Children’s Cards

Do you ever find you are struggling with the tiny print in many Benchers?  We make special card or books with a larger font size to help make it a bit easier to read for those who find it difficult.    We also make a special children’s version of both Benchers and Kiddush Books.  These specialty items are intended for early readers who can easily get distracted when there are too many words on the page and who have trouble when the size of the words is small.  Ask us about our special kids books.


Here at PhotoBenchers.CA we do more than just print benchers.  We can help you design and print your event invitations, thank you cards, seating place-cards, table plaques, menus and more.  Adding a personal touch to everything you send out and tying it all together with your personal theme.

Programme Books

Are you putting together a play, dance, concert or other special event.  Consider putting together a fundraising programme book for your event.



Pricing and Quotes

PhotoBenchers.CA is committed to creating specialized custom books to commemorate your event while bringing together your personal themes.  Since everything we do is tailored to your event and your needs, the best way to understand our pricing is to get a price quote.

An important thing to note – as a Canadian company, all of our prices are in Canadian dollars.

Contact us for more details 

We hope you like what you’ve seen here today and we would be happy to help make your event special with a commemorative card or book.  Let us know if you have any questions.  Even if you just have feedback or comments, we’d love to hear from you – you can either fill out an online form or send us an email at info@photobenchers.ca and we will get back to you shortly.

Photographs and Memories – make your special event last forever!

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