Choosing Your Style

There are two main styles to choose from, a book or a card.

Book Style

A book style commemorative booklet is the most traditional style and allows for the greatest flexibility in customization.  The number of pages is entirely up to you, so you can add in only a few prayers or keep them more complete.  You are also able to choose between language options – all Hebrew, Hebrew and English or even a transliteration of Hebrew in English characters.


Card Style

A card style commemorative booklet can be printed on either water repellent cards or a specialized plastic.    These cards are more durable that regular book pages but due to tighter spacing they are also less customizable.  There are many different card style options, each of which is best suited for different purposes.


Basic Cards

The Basic Card Style is a single sheet double sided card.  It works best for:


  • simple Benchers,
  • simple Kiddush cards,
  • Shabbat Candle Lighting
  • Havdallah cards


Bi-Fold Cards

The Bi-Fold Card Style is a card with a single fold.  It works best of:


  • Benchers
  • Kiddush cards
  • Hanukkah Candle Lighting




Tri-Fold Cards

The Tri-Fold Card Style is a card with two folds which is set up in a pamphlet configuration.  It works best for:


  • regular and large print Benchers
  • Kiddish with a few Zemirot



Tent-Fold Cards

The Tent-Fold Card Style is a card with a single fold at the top of the card.   It works best for:

  • Havdallah Card
  • Shabbat Candle Lighting
  • Hanukkah Candle Lighting


Accordion Fold Cards

The Accordion Fold Cards have multiple pages that are folded back and forth.  It works best for:


  • Megillot
  • Wallet Sized Benchers




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