Mazal Tov!


PhotoBenchers.CA makes Phone-Friendly online designs which are customized to your special event.  We can host your bencher / Hanukkah candle lighting / Megillah Esther and more on our website and your guests can use your customized design.


Hosting Options:

  • Create a Web-Page for your event with links to your designs.
  • Email or text your guests your web page link.
  • Print table cards with a QR code that links to your web-page.
  • Print a table card with a QR code that links directly to your bencher or other designs.


How do QR codes work?

Use your smartphone’s camera to link directly to a web-page.  Depending on your phone this can be done in several ways:

  • Using a QR code scanner app
  • Using Snapchat
  • Using the Camera App on an iPhone

When you are making a simcha we can make a special QR code table card which can be printed with instructions for your guests on how to use the QR code to access your bencher or other designs.

QR Code Instructions


Apple IPhone

Open your Camera APP and point the camera at the QR code.  A Notification will pop up on the top letting you know that a website QR code is found.  click/Touch the notification and the Bencher will open automatically.


Open your snapchat app – it opens to it’s camera screen.  point the camera at the QR code and touch/hold your finger on the qr code in the screen.  a notification will pop up asking to go to the link – click “open link”.

Android/Other Phones

Use your favourite QR code scanner app.if you need to install one go to google play and select the qr reader app of your choice.  We like

“QR Code READER” offered by “SCAN”

Once installed you can scan the qr code and it will automatically open the bencher on your phone.


Photographs and Memories – make your special event last forever!

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